About IntegriTEA - Passionate About Organic Great Tasting Tea

Our Story

Brenner Brothers, Stuart and Greg founded IntegriTEA in Lexington, KY.  They formed IntegriTEA to share their passion of tea to the world. IntegriTEA strives in sourcing the highest quality organic teas through sustainable farming practices, supporting our community, encouraging holistic living, and continuously improving our craft.

Our Company


IntegriTEA is selective by only selling USDA Certified Organic tea that does not contain harmful herbicides. We operate with the utmost integrity in our sourcing, blending and manufacturing processes to provide a pure organic cup of tea.


All of our tea promotes living life to the fullest & supporting sustainable agricultural practices. Our tea provides antioxidants and nutritional value to help support a healthy and energetic lifestyle


Our commitment to integrity not only extends to the sourcing of the finest teas but also to ensuring that every cup is a flavorful experience.

Brew on!