My Tea Brewer is Brewing the Tea Weak, What Can I Do to Make it Stronger?

Please use this checklist for troubleshooting measures:

  1. Check the Spray Head-confirm that none of the holes show any blockage. Cleaning the Spray Head Video.
  2. Check the temperature coming out of the brew basket, it should measure between 175-185 degrees fahrenheit. If it does not please reach out to us or your tea brewer manufacturer and walk you through this process.
  3. It is ideal to soak the spray head in a deliming solution once per month.

The Tea Machine is Brewing less Than it Normally does, How Do I Fix It? 

When this happens it is usually a calibration issue. Here is a quick video on how to calibrate the tea brewer.

How Should I Care for my Tea Urns? 

For best results remove the nozzles of the tea urns and let them soak overnight in a soapy solution. 

Drain the urn of leftover tea and wash soapy water through the urn. If there is a label on the urn do not submerge it.  

Can I Keep Tea Overnight?

For best results please brew fresh tea daily it will eventually begin to sour.