How Do I Brew Loose Leaf?

There are multiple ways to brew loose leaf at home or in the office. Here are some of our preferred ways.

  • Naked Tea Bags-these can be purchased cheaply
  • Tea Infusers
  • Tea Balls-note some loose leaf  will escape into your cup
  • For best results let the tea steep for 3-5 minutes

How Many Calories Are in Your Teas?

The tea by itself does not contain any calories. The only time the tea would have calories if you add a sweetener like honey or sugar. 

How Much Caffeine Does Your Tea Have?

The caffeine meter on the back of the tea package is a good reference for this question. However, please see below for more specifics.

  • Naturally Caffeine Free Blends: Feel Good, Relax, Hibiscus Iced Tea
  • White Tea: 40 mg/8oz cup
  • Green Tea: 50 mg/8oz cup
  • Black Tea: 75 mg/8oz cup
  • Yerba Mate: 85 mg/8oz cup 

I Only Want to Brew a Half Gallon. How Do I Do That?

We recommend using a Tea Brewer like this one at home. The recommended ratio of dried tea to brewed tea is 1oz/1 gallon. So if you wanted to brew just half a gallon, take a pair of scissors and cut the top of the brew bag, measure out 1/2 ounce and place it in the brew basket of the tea machine. Keep the remaining 1/2 ounce in the brew bag and place it in a zip bag. Please store the remaining tea at room temperature.